Zoning Issues

Last week’s Minute was about trying on new perspectives in order to broaden our views and reduce the likelihood of being stuck in old patterns simply out of habit. A related issue is the topic today – getting out of our “comfort zones.” Most of us find comfort in a certain degree of predictability and stability in our lives. That’s well and good. I think the real question is how broad is your comfort zone? If it’s narrow with inflexible boundaries, you may be limiting yourself.

Food for Thought ~

The most effective leaders I have known and admired are generally people who have a fairly broad comfort zone. They are able to relate to a wide range of people in a wide range of circumstances on a wide range of topics and issues. Further, they are able to function quite effectively outside of their comfort zones. Being in unfamiliar territory doesn’t have to be a handicap. In fact, we often learn and grow the most when we are “stretched” beyond our comfortable parameters.

Question of the day ~

How broad is your comfort zone? Are you flexible and resilient? Might you be more effective if you explored expanding your comfort zone?