Complimentary Resources Available

I am a teacher at heart, gladly sharing my knowledge and experience with my clients. Although I have taught many “formal” classes both privately and at educational institutions, I have found that my most favored teaching venue is the workplace of my clients. There we deal with real-time, real life, real work situations and issues.

My educational work has gradually extended beyond my clients over the years, and I have been writing for a larger, public audience for the past ten years. I have come to enjoy the challenge of articulating my thoughts, observations and insights. For the past five years I have written a regular column on leadership that is published monthly in a regional business newspaper. For the past four years I have written, published, and distributed a weekly email message on the subject of leadership for my list of subscribers. One reader described them as “practical inspirations,” and you will find that blog here on my website.

My articles, whitepapers, and weekly practical inspiration messages are available here for you to read and enjoy. I hope they provide you with some valuable information and ideas that you can apply to your business.