#171 – Leadership is a 2 Way Street

Perhaps in some contexts, leadership is still perceived as a one-directional activity – “top down,” where leaders make the decisions and then inform everyone else. For most of us, our understanding about effective leadership has evolved to a different perspective. We realize that leadership is a 2 way street.

Food for Thought ~

Leaders are both the influencers and the influenced. Yes, leaders guide and give direction, but they are also shaped by the feedback they receive and their interactions with constituents. Good leaders are both confident in themselves and yet open and receptive to input and information from others. Going one step further, very good leaders develop the skill of sharing leadership, engaging others in the evaluative and reflective process that precedes decision-making as well as the organizing and planning that goes along with implementation. Great leaders are master weavers of healthy group process with their own insight and vision.

Question for the day ~

As a leader, do you consciously attend to the valuable interplay between your viewpoints and the views of others? Are you adept at providing leadership, sharing leadership, and encouraging leadership in others?

On a Personal Note ~

People are still reading my recent column on the Four Cornerstones of Business Success, so here’s the link to my article. The second in my series of four articles will be coming soon ~ stay tuned for the second cornerstone!