Sharing Information – Part I

Ask Mary ~

People at my office are talking a lot about the lack of information coming from their managers. Where does a manager/leader draw the line on what information to share and when? Our managers seem to be “too busy” to share information that will help their staff function at their best.

Answer ~

Yes, it is the job of leaders/managers to provide the information their staff need to do their jobs. One of the definitions of management is “accomplishing objectives and goals by coordinating, supervising and directing the work of others.” Thus, making time for communication is inherent in the leader’s role. Establishing information systems and networks and disseminating information efficiently and effectively are essential management functions. However, there are always situations and issues that require judgment as to timing and level of detail. The fact that employees are grumbling about this may be an indication that opening up the information flow would be a good idea. Or it may be a yellow flag that other issues need attention. Building the overall trust level would help employees have confidence in the judgment of their leaders/managers and better accept the times when they may not have all the information they desire.

Food for Thought ~

“Employees are looking for work that gives their life meaning. They are searching out organizations whose values and vision are in alignment with their own; whose leaders empower rather than exploit; and where they will feel a sense of community and ownership.”
Richard Barrett