#123 – Leading and Teaching

Today is National Teacher Day, providing an excellent opportunity to reflect on how teaching is an integral part of leadership. The following definitions are all included in my Oxford Dictionary: A teacher is someone who “gives information, enables a person to do something, advocates a principle, communicates, instructs, and inspires by example.” Aren’t all of these essential skills of a good leader?

Food for Thought ~

Personally, I have found that having the mindset of a teacher has helped me cope with the demands of leadership and be more effective at the same time. When I hear requests, complaints, worries or questions, I try to identify the underlying issue that needs attention and consider how the situation might become a learning experience for all of us. Learning is a life-long process; and great teachers and leaders have an appreciation for their own continuous learning as well as others.

Question for the day ~

What situation are you currently involved in that could use your skill as a leader/teacher? Do you embrace your role as teacher as an important part of being a leader? Who have been the influential teachers in your life?

If possible, I highly recommend contacting and thanking the teachers in your life, no matter how recent or long ago. I am quite sure they will appreciate hearing from you.