Practicing What I Preach

As a marketing advisor, I often encourage my clients to ask their customers’ opinions. There’s a wealth of information available if we ask! So, I’m practicing what I preach and asking you, my readers, for your opinions about my Tuesday Minute With Mary. January, 2012 marks my second anniversary of writing this weekly series. That’s 104 consecutive weeks of mini-essays, “rain or shine.” Although the essays take only a minute or so to read, I dedicate several hours (and usually more) to writing and publishing each one. (Was it Mark Twain who said it takes a lot longer to write a short letter than a long one?)

My statistics from Constant Contact are very good – my readership rates are twice my industry average! The comments and replies I receive each week are very positive indeed. Yet I want to take this opportunity to conduct a somewhat more systematic assessment of your preferences so that I can determine what, if any, changes might be desirable. New technologies offer new options, and my readers’ needs and preferences evolve as well.

I have created a very short mini-survey with just a few salient questions. I would truly appreciate your taking a few minutes to complete the survey. Here’s the link.

Thank you very much in advance for responding to this request. Your answers will help me plan my time and shape my communications in the ways that matter most to you.