Wise Words on Tough Times

One of the most profound challenges that leaders face is how to effectively deal with problems, urgencies and crises. Add to this the impact of major events and issues beyond the organization – from economic difficulties, wars, political conflicts, and natural disasters to hardships and stress in the leader’s own personal life. All of this adds up to requiring a very significant degree of skill and maturity to maintain a constructive outlook and provide inspiring leadership.

Food for Thought ~

The following quotation is a brilliant answer to this challenge. It was written c. 1930, so let us appreciate its wisdom and mentally add the word “women” to reflect that times have changed.

“The world will go on somehow, and more crises will follow. It will go on best, however, if among us there are men who have stood apart, who refused to be anxious or too much concerned, who were cool and inquiring, and had their eyes on a longer past and a longer future.”

Walter Lippman, Pulitzer Prize Winning Writer and Journalist

Question of the day ~

As a leader, are you able to find a perspective that allows you to be effective and inspiring even in the face of organizational crises and world events?

Many readers wrote in response to last week’s column on Happiness and Forgiveness. I’m glad it resonated with so many of you.

Keep on forgiving – yourself and others.