Return to a Metaphor

My long-time readers will find this metaphor familiar ~ a hike on my usual trail at my “home” park. Once again, the experience fulfilled its metaphoric potential! This time, it was thanks to a very unusual phenomenon: during my hour-long hike, I was the only person on the trail. Usually I see a half-dozen or more people. I hear voices in the distance and exchange greetings with passing hikers. This day there was neither, and I felt quite alone – just wild creatures, wild blackberries and me.

Food for Thought ~

Naturally, my thoughts turned to leadership. Indeed, leadership often involves being out ahead of others to some degree. I often think that being a leader is like being a scout, looking ahead and surveying the terrain, the weather, the obstacles. It occurs to me that there are a number of questions worth asking if you find yourself out on the trail alone. Are you perhaps out of touch with your team, your followers? Are you too far ahead? Have you gotten off the main trail and onto a side trail? Or are you right where you need to be to effectively lead?

Question of the day ~

Have you ever had the feeling you were out too far ahead of your group? What methods do you use to find the optimal balance of visionary leadership and maintaining a close connection with your team?

If you are still debating whether or not to take some time off this summer, here’s the read more link to my recent article on the benefits for both you and your company.

Happy hiking!