Improve your Focus

Last week’s message encouraged you to set goals for yourself and your company. Setting goals helps us focus on what’s important. To focus means to select from a field of options, to prioritize. When we focus on a few meaningful goals, our energies and resources are concentrated and the likelihood of getting the results we want is multiplied.

Food for Thought ~

We may find it difficult to focus for several reasons. First, we don’t slow down, take time to reflect, and think through our choices. Second, we are fuzzy about our values or conflicted about our priorities. And third, we are concerned about “leaving something out” or think we can “do it all.” Ironically, we get more of what we want when we focus.

Question of the day ~

Do your goals excite and inspire you? Are you clear on your values and priorities? What are you focusing on this week, this month, this year?