Christmas Poem for Leaders by Mary Luttrell

The Christmas poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore, is not only one of the most well known and beloved poems in the English language, it is also one of the most parodied. And so today I add my version to the list of parodies, written especially to celebrate leaders.
I send this as a gift to you ~ I hope you enjoy it!

by Mary Luttrell

Christmas Day is finally here, and throughout every town
Most of us have the day off, our computers are down.
We’ve hustled and bustled to wrap up the year,
So now is a good time to breathe, sigh and cheer.

We’ve done what we could with these 52 weeks,
Some gains and some losses, some valleys and peaks.
If we gave it our best, what more could be done?
There’s no guarantee in this game that we run.

The reports are completed, the data is in.
It’s been quite a year, both the thick and the thin.
We’ve agonized, criticized, analyzed, itemized.
We’ve calculated and forecast, missed the mark and surpassed.

We’ve been surprised and relieved, elated and downcast.
Will the future be better? Could we go back to the past?
(This is not what I pictured when I was in school.
I thought being the boss would be really cool.)

It seems being a good leader is not for faint hearts.
It takes great patience and skill. (They call it an art.)
I know I’ll never get bored at this job that I do,
There’s always something to learn, something that’s new.

And I will state here and now what really is true,
The important stuff happens between me and you.
It’s the work one to one and then as a team
That makes it all joyful and makes our eyes gleam.

Old St. Nick sent me a text; he’s just passing through.
He said: “Keep up the good work; I’ve got faith in you.
It may be hard at times, but hold to your dreams!
(Don’t forget about my list, if you know what I mean.)

Yes, good leaders are still needed, and now more than ever.
Lift up yourself and your team, and all work together.
Bringing good things to the world will take all of us.
Let’s always remember we’re on the same bus.”

With all good wishes for your health and happiness,