#159 – Inspiring Dedications for 2013

Last week I introduced a new idea that came to me when I was thinking about the usual annual cycle of setting goals and making resolutions. I called it a Dedication. It has a somewhat different purpose and approach that could work well for many people. It’s created by asking: What one thing is particularly meaningful to you at this time? Your answer becomes the essence of your Dedication. This clarity then serves as a powerful honing device to guide your thoughts and behaviors throughout the year. One reader wrote: “I love this concept! It’s focusing and centering without getting complicated.”

Food for Thought ~

Readers were invited to share their Dedications, and the response was warm and wonderful. I hope you enjoy reading these Dedications made for 2013.

  • Keep my passions alive by dedicating time to them
  • Finish an important task (writing a book)
  • Joy
  • Delegation
  • Team-Building
  • Inspiration/Creativity – being called to a purposeful life
  • Proactively nurture my friendships
  • My creativity
  • Connection to the Earth
  • Slowing down, noticing the moment
  • Empathy
  • Positivity
  • Question for the day ~

    If you haven’t yet created your own Dedication, here’s a second opportunity: What do you choose to dedicate yourself to this year?

    In Closing ~

    Thank you very much to my readers who sent their Dedications! Sharing our Dedications inspires all of us. With the simple act of reading them we acknowledge and support one another’s commitments and intentions.