#158 – Dedication for 2013

Now that we have “welcomed the new year, full of things that have never been,” as inspired by Rainer Marie Rilke, let’s expand our vision of the potential offered by a new year. Typically we think of setting goals and making resolutions. Here’s a different approach you might enjoy.

Food for Thought ~

How about an annual Dedication? Of course, the essential first step is reflection and self-awareness, identifying something that’s very important to you. What one thing is particularly meaningful to you at this time? It will most often be something intangible, such as a quality, attribute, mindset, or attitude. It will likely be something that inspires you to be your best self, something that “pulls” you toward it like a magnet. Once you have identified the one thing that calls to you most strongly right now, then make a conscious declaration and dedicate yourself to it for the coming year. Some examples include: listening, kindness, creativity, honesty, empathy, simplicity, etc. Here are some additional examples in the organizational leadership context: delegation, clarity, team building, communication, excellence, etc. The possibilities are abundant! I like this approach because it generally benefits others as well as ourselves. An annual Dedication is a deceptively simple, yet powerful honing device that helps us focus on what matters most.

Question for the day ~

What do you choose to dedicate yourself to this year?

In Closing ~

If you are so inclined and wish to send me your Dedications for 2013, I will compile a list for my next blog or newsletter – anonymous, of course! I think it might be very inspiring for all of us to share (I repeat, anonymously) our dedications.