#137 – The Human Compass

Much of the art of leadership lies in its subtleties. One of them is the distinction between providing direction and providing answers. Although oftentimes people want answers, it’s frequently more valuable to provide direction than answers. Encourage and teach people to be critical thinkers, to research, to gather information and differing perspectives, to consider various scenarios. Pose thoughtful and revealing questions that will guide the way forward. Think of yourself as a human compass that helps your organization keep its bearing.

Food for Thought ~

Good leaders realize that even though they know a lot, they don’t know everything. Being a leader is not so much about being “in charge” as it is about being out in front, sensing the world around you and your organization, paying attention to clues, and staying in touch with that reality. Smart leaders encourage people to help find good answers to important questions.

Question for the day ~

Are you able to resist the temptation to answer all the questions that are brought to you?

By the way, don’t you love people who ask great questions? I do!