The Rewards of Risk

We think of risk-taking at work as occurring most often in the financial or strategic realms. On the personal level, there are also emotional risks inherent in working with others. Perhaps the most formidable are the perceived risks that affect our ego, our self-image, our pride.

Food for Thought ~

What might risking our ego look like? Here are just a few examples: asking for help … reaching out to someone … admitting you don’t know something … offering a creative idea that’s new/different/controversial … expressing a minority opinion publicly … doing something you’ve never done before and you’re not good at it … admitting you made a mistake or you were wrong … making a proposal for something you care about or want. For some, simply acknowledging others is perceived as a risk.

Question of the day ~

How comfortable are you with “risking” your pride? What benefits might you experience if you were to expand your pride’s comfort zone? In what ways might it also benefit your organization?