3 Keys and 4 Practices for Happiness

Regardless of our intelligence, expertise, and good intentions, we all misstep once in a while. The corollary is of course, forgiveness. I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Fred Luskin speak on this subject. He is the co-founder of the Stanford Forgiveness Project, and author of Forgive for Good and Stress Free for Good. He has studied what it means for people to be satisfied with their lives, which is as relevant for leaders in the workplace as it is for each of us personally. The research on this subject indicates that three factors lead to happiness:

1) a deep sense of purpose and meaning,
2) being of service, helping others, and
3) relationship, connection with others, community.

Food for Thought ~

His summation included these insights on how to be happy:

– Practice small, relentless opportunities for kindness.
– Learn and practice being able to say you’re sorry.
– Think of how you can help others: co-workers, customers, family, friends.
– Slow down enough to notice when somebody near you needs help.

Question of the day ~

As a leader, how can you use these insights in your organization? Have you considered the myriad benefits of having happier employees?

I hope you find Dr. Luskin’s thoughtful observations as inspiring as I did.