#195 – 25 Universal Leadership Principles

When my 25th anniversary in business arrived, six years ago, I was somewhat amazed that the years had passed so quickly. (See Principle # 3.) It felt like a significant milestone, so I decided to organize and articulate some of what I had learned about leadership over those years. My services portfolio had not changed very much since I started my business; I still loved strategic planning, marketing, organizational development and performance, meeting design and facilitation, and executive coaching. What had changed was my marked conclusion and conviction that leadership was the determining skill set that superceded strategy, financial resources, and raw talent. Although subtle, my orientation shifted to providing these services with a focus on leadership effectiveness. This emphasis on leadership has only continued to expand, as I witness my hypothesis being reconfirmed year after year.

Food for Thought ~

By the time I hit the 25 year mark, I had worked with literally hundreds of businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities, and thousands of people, with hugely varying circumstances, from a myriad of industries. This cross-section of companies and people provided me a great opportunity to identify the critical determinants for sustained achievement and success. I translated these lessons into 25 general, universal principles of leadership. The article that I wrote on this subject has just been published in the NorthBay Business Journal. To read the article, please click here.

Question for the day ~

How many of my 25 principles resonate with you? Which one(s) in particular?