#149 – Leaders and Elections

Today being an election day, I have been considering the matter of leaders and elections. Clearly, most people in leadership positions are not elected, so it’s certainly not a sine qua non for leadership. It’s safe to say that the opposite is true as well, that many people elected to public office are not necessarily leaders. I would like to see the word leader be more rigorously and selectively applied to persons who actually provide leadership. “Public officials” and “electeds” could be the basic terminology used for elected officials. Then, if in fact the individual demonstrates genuine leadership, he or she earns the honor of being called a leader.

Food for Thought ~

I realize this is an example of tilting at windmills, and I have no illusions of influencing a change in the vernacular used in our popular culture. However, as a connoisseur of leadership, I want to shine a light on this issue in my particular corner of the world. I believe there is a distinction between those who occupy official positions of power and authority and those who are truly leaders. It’s a wonderful thing when both co-exist in the same person.

Question for the day ~

Have you ever wondered…would you be “elected” by your followers?

Today’s the day – please remember to vote.