#141 – Real Leaders Listen

Have you noticed the frequency of articles and workshops on the topic of how to be a better listener? Apparently there are many people that need to improve their listening skills. Listening is one of the primary methods good leaders, real leaders, use for gathering information. They want to learn what others think and feel, their ideas, concerns, and opinions. They listen to identify trends and notice early indicators. A leader who does not listen is putting their organization at risk if they believe their opinion is superior to others; that they do not need to hear other viewpoints; that they know all they need to know. (Uh oh…the warning light is flashing.)

Food for Thought ~

Great leaders have a genuine curiosity and interest in others, and seek to understand and learn by listening. They are not afraid of what they might hear, and welcome candor and forthrightness. They know that good listening is one of the keys to building good relationships, and that leads to a great organization. They know they don’t know everything, yet they do know they are the primary role model for demonstrating the value of good listening skills.

Question for the day ~

How do you rate yourself as a listener? Do you expect people in your organization to be good listeners? What important things have you learned lately by listening?

Thanks to my readers who take a moment to write. Your feedback is important to me ~ I’m listening!