A Lesson in Trusting my Intuition

My previous two posts featured an insightful analysis of the distinction between excellence and perfection. In a poetic sort of irony, I made a mistake in last week’s piece, and not on purpose! A particular point of interest here is that I actually woke up in the night thinking about it, before the email was to be sent early the next morning, and talked myself out of believing I had made an error. I knew the fact in question, and persuaded myself that I would not have made such a silly mistake. Surprise! This background story serves as an opportunity to remind myself, and you as well, to listen to our intuition. No doubt the inconvenience of getting up in the proverbial middle of the night colored my receptivity to the inner alarm that woke me up.

Food for Thought ~

I have increasingly learned over the years to trust my intuition. This example aside, I usually do. We all have an inner knowing and inner wisdom that can’t necessarily be explained, but is usually accurate. At the very least, it is a useful resource to be respected and cultivated.

Question of the day ~

Do you listen to your intuition? Has it been a valuable resource in your life and work as a leader?

Oh, in case you’re wondering about the mistake, it was in the description of my new column in the North Bay Business Journal, based on a brilliant definition of leadership by John Quincy Adams, our country’s sixth (not second) president. His father, John Adams, was our country’s second president. Click here to read the article.