The Vision Constellation

One of the qualities most often associated with good leaders is vision. This is the ability to imagine and envision and then guide your team/company/organization toward a desired future. There’s a wonderful family of qualities associated with this aspect of leadership. I call it The Vision Constellation. Some of the related skills include: foresight and anticipation – the thoughtful regard or provision for the future, encouraging the desired and forestalling or avoiding the undesired; a long-term perspective that informs all decisions; and core values that reflect a commitment to sustainable business practices.

Food for Thought ~

If I were to prescribe a list of the qualities necessary for leaders, The Vision Constellation would be in the top echelon. It is essential to look ahead and then use that information and insight to inform present-day activities and decisions. Without vision, management is merely reactivity and gamesmanship, not leadership.

Question of the day ~

Is The Vision Constellation one of your strengths? If not, do you have someone who can provide this within your organization?