#187 – Leadership – The Fourth and Final Cornerstone of Business Success

After working with hundreds of companies over a twenty-five year period I developed a model based on what I had learned, called The Four Cornerstones for Business Success. The first Cornerstone is Purpose, which includes not only a viable business concept, but vision, mission, and values. The second Cornerstone is Strategies, your chosen path, selected to achieve your desired goals, and shaped by your vision and values. The third Cornerstone is Skill, or excellence in execution and performance. It may come as no surprise to you that the fourth and final Cornerstone is Leadership. It all comes down to leadership.

Food for Thought ~

Our last cornerstone is the most intangible, and quite possibly the most important of the four cornerstones. With expert, dedicated leadership, your company’s purpose can be focused and fulfilled; intelligent strategies generated and executed; and critical skills identified and refined. Without good leadership, very little of consequence can be achieved or sustained. The cornerstone work of leadership has four primary facets, all centered on a theme. That theme is character and integrity. The four facets of Leadership are: 1.) Values 2.) Principles 3.) Practice and 4.) Authenticity.

Question for the day ~

As a leader, are you clear on your personal and professional values and do you practice and model your values and principles? Are you genuine, authentic and trustworthy?