#136 – Edutainment at its Best

The Olympics offer example after example of the many facets of leadership. Most of the events are for individuals, relating nicely to my recent theme that self-management is a requisite for leaders. (We cannot effectively manage or lead others if we cannot manage ourselves.) There are also events that require a partnership. And of course there are many events for teams with multiple members, where the leadership lessons become even more apparent.

Food for Thought ~

The Olympic Games received its name from Mt. Olympus in Greece, the mythological home of the Greek gods. It is thus associated with magnificence, the achievement of great attainments, and also with having superhuman calm and detachment. As a casual observer, it is not always obvious to me who the leaders are on any given team. However, I am quite sure they are there – guiding, teaching, encouraging, and generally inspiring their team to do their best.

Question for the day ~

If you are watching the Olympics, have you seen any great demonstrations of leadership? What is your response to the secondary definition cited above describing an Olympian as having superhuman calm and detachment?”

May the Olympics serve to remind the world community of our shared humanity.