#160 – Something most of us need

Leadership, like life itself, is full of dichotomies. Opposites can both be true. In this instance, I am considering the case for patience in a fast-paced world where change is necessary and technology has contributed mightily to our constant sense of urgency. I see leaders faced with an ever moving landscape of circumstances and issues, necessitating a continuous reassessment of priorities. This predicament has prompted my call for patience.

Food for Thought ~

As a point of reference, here is the third definition of the word patience as cited in my Oxford Dictionary: “patience: the capacity for calm self-possessed waiting”
I love the mental image that definition conjures up! Even though the pressure of events and circumstances often conspires to induce reactive behaviors, there are many situations and i
ssues that must not be sacrificed to the tyranny of a rush to judgment. The wise leader is one who can make the distinction between what is truly urgent and what is not, and has the fortitude to invoke patience when it’s needed, both in themselves and others. For example, there are times when more information is needed; the path forward is unclear; factors must be allowed to season or evolve; or people need time to make a mental/emotional transition. The willingness and capacity to wait – patiently, in a calm and self-possessed manner – is one of the hallmarks of a mature leader.

Question for the day ~

What is your capacity for patience? What current issues or situations in your life, or your organization, call for patience?

In Closing ~

“Our patience will achieve more than our force.” Edmund Burke

With kind regards,