The 2011 Home Stretch

A term originally used in horse racing has been extended into general usage – “the home stretch” – and I like the mental image it conjures up. This time of year lends itself nicely to the metaphor: the heightened temperature and pace of activities during the holidays, the year end of business, frequently also the fiscal year end and target date for completion of projects, the turning of the calendar to begin all over again. All of these coincide to create a “race to the finish” feeling in these last few weeks of 2011.

Food for Thought ~

I would like to suggest that a good way to approach this final stretch is to remove ourselves from the racetrack mindset. Step off the track, revisit your values and priorities and then choose your activities accordingly. Oftentimes, we have beliefs, expectations, and habits that it’s time to let go of, to lighten our load so that we can move more easily and effectively though our lives and our work responsibilities. One of the roles of a leader is to continually model your values, especially under stressful conditions, as this time of year can be. Make your 2011 home stretch as healthy and positive as possible, for yourself and those within your sphere of influence.

Question of the day ~

How do you approach this time of year? Is it a frenzy of activity or do you pace yourself according to your values? What example are you setting for your organization?

Your responses to my survey are pouring in – thank you! The more the better! Many people have told me they have it on their “to do” list, so here’s the survey link again. It’s a very brief set of questions that will take just a few minutes, I promise! Your answers will be tremendously valuable in helping me plan for 2012. Thanks very much for your cooperation!