I received a suggestion last week from an esteemed reader who recommended that I take questions on leadership issues and respond to them in my Minutes. What a great idea! It was serendipitous, as I was just musing on the very question of how to engage more interaction with my readers. I do not always have time to respond to every email message personally, but I do very much appreciate the feedback I receive.

Food for Thought ~

This provides a good opportunity for me to address something I surely believe ~ that through collaboration we are able to create much better solutions, plans, and outcomes than we can individually. Collective wisdom is far better than most individual efforts, with geniuses perhaps the exception to the rule. I have seen time and again the amazing improvement in the quality of a group’s effort over that of an individual, even a very smart and talented one. Yes, it takes longer and requires more management and leadership skills, but the superior results are well worth the effort.

Question of the day ~

Are you good at seeking input and collaboration? Do you reach out to appropriate and interested others to help craft and improve the best possible ideas and solutions?