#117 – Leadership Conversations

One way to think about leadership is as a series of conversations – with individuals, small groups, and large groups. Arguably, what transpires in these conversations is the substance of a leader’s contribution. If all of a leader’s conversations were recorded and transcribed, what would the pattern analysis reveal?

Food for Thought ~

Related to the subject of leadership conversations, Jim Kouzes, one of the authors of the excellent book, The Leadership Challenge, had this to say:

“We have ~ 3 minutes of attention span for the average interaction. To inspire a shared vision, communicate the vision over and over, many times a day, in a way that is compelling and exciting.”

I would add that this does not necessarily mean to repeat the same words, although that may sometimes be appropriate. One of my interpretations is that we must always be clear on our key messages, and be prepared to repeat and restate them as needed throughout our conversations. It also speaks to the importance of the organization’s vision, and how it serves as a touchstone for daily guidance.

Question of the day ~

How do you regard the conversations you have with people? Are you wisely using the time and opportunities presented by these conversations?

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