Leadership Development

Integrating Authenticity, Personal Effectiveness and Professional Growth

Exceptional leaders always look for ways to become more effective personally, in addition to increasing their organization’s effectiveness. These objectives go hand in hand, because good leaders create better organizations, with healthy company cultures and engaged, productive employees.

Mary Luttrell

Because good leadership is so critical to success, dedicating time and effort to developing the leaders in your company will have a exponential impact. Great leaders don’t just happen. They study, learn new skills, practice, and develop over time. We facilitate and expedite that learning process.

Many leaders appreciate the support and discipline of having a trusted advisor and mentor. The old saying, “It’s lonely at the top” is often true, as leaders must necessarily keep a broad, long-term perspective that considers the greatest good for all concerned. Absolute confidentiality, a positive role model and a wise sounding board offer welcome opportunities for personal and professional growth. Explore your unique situation and discover more effective approaches to work/life balance, career planning, and legacy planning, as well as day-to-day leadership.

Courage and commitment are required of top leadership, because the journey of examining established beliefs and business practices is not easy. It requires honesty and integrity to bear the scrutiny of asking tough questions and searching for the best answers, for yourself and your company. It’s easier when you have a good coach and mentor.

Benefits include:

  • Increase your effectiveness and satisfaction as a leader.
  • Find your own unique, authentic style.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Achieve your personal and professional goals.
  • Build on your inherent strengths and natural talents.
“Mary has become a valued coach and mentor to me, and I’ve become a better leader as a result. When you work with Mary, be prepared to answer the question ‘why?’, and also be prepared for the next question after you answer the first one.”

                                                                    Iver Skavdal | CEO and President, Winzler & Kelly/GHD

“Mary can quickly zero in on the heart of an issue and provide insights I can immediately apply to both the technical and personal aspects of challenging business situations. She has been a tremendous resource to me over the past 15 years and continues to be my ‘go to’ person for providing clarity and perspective when I need it.”

                                                                    Laura Harwood | CFO, Far Niente Winery