Today is National Teacher Day. Although no doubt intended to honor teachers in our school systems, I want to expand that to honor leaders who are teachers, ergo my made-up word, “teachership.” It is my conviction that good leaders are also teachers. They share information, support learning, encourage their students, and see to it that the business/organization itself grows and develops. We frequently hear people say “It’s easier to do it myself.” Although it’s often true that it’s easier, that doesn’t mean it’s smarter.

Food for Thought ~

Leaders need to include the time and effort that teaching requires into their time managment and planning. Consider it one of the important hats a good leader wears in the course of a day. And there’s a benefit to the teacher as well ~ learning to be patient, thoughtful and articulate. Recently, one of my clients told me about how fortunate she has been to have a boss who has also been a teacher and mentor to her.

Question of the day ~

Do you make time for teaching part of your duties as a leader?