What Makes a Leader Inspiring

Building on the theme I introduced last week re: the benefits of “risking” your ego/pride, let’s explore why that might be worth the perceived risk. In two words ~ happiness and effectiveness. Lance Secretan, the former CEO of Manpower, Inc., writer for Fortune magazine, consultant and author, makes a distinction between our “social self” that uses the external reference points of career/status/success/appearance/love as measures of worth vs. our “essential self” that establishes our self-worth using the internal reference points of our deepest desires, our character, and the ways we use our gifts and talents.

Food for Thought ~

For those of us in leadership positions, the implications are significant. Simply put, people admire leaders who inspire them. As you become more authentic and allow your work to be a reflection of your essential self, you become more inspiring and increase your effectiveness as a leader. Inspiration is the essence of leadership.

Question of the day ~

What’s your ratio of social self to essential self references? As a leader, are you as authentic as you would like to be?