Sharing Information – Part III

Ask Mary ~

People at my office are talking about the lack of information coming from their managers. Where does a manager draw the line on what information to share and when? Our managers seem “too busy” to share information that will help staff function at their best.

Answer ~

Stewart Fox, a veteran school administrator and leader, offered these insightful comments:

“I have read with interest your last two posts. I think the best work on how information works in an organization has been done by Margaret Wheatley. I love her analogy about information being the energy that fuels an organization and withholding it inappropriately saps everyone’s energy. I come down heavily on the side of everything on the table. I do realize that some information must be used carefully, but I think too many leaders go overboard and are too secretive.”

Organizations where the leaders have the confidence and the skill to generously share information with employees are becoming the preferred “employers of choice,” especially for Gen X and Millennials. Being overly guarded breeds distrust. Keep the energy flowing with information.

Food for Thought ~

As a leader, how comfortable are you sharing information with your employees? Do your managers/supervisors have the necessary skills to communicate effectively? If not, what can you do to improve the situation?

Remember ~ information is neutral. It’s what we do with it, how we interpret it, and the value we place on it that gives it meaning.