Unexpected Gifts

This is a true story. Regular readers may recall that in June I first wrote about encountering a swampy area on my favorite hiking trail in a nearby park. Recently, after the first heavy rains, many parts of the trail were flooded and impassable. A horse and rider went by and then I realized it was actually a fine-looking mule, not a horse. Having been born in Missouri and having “mules in my family” with an uncle that drove a team of Missouri mules in the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena for many years, I was intrigued. After a congenial conversation, I was offered a ride on the gentle mule, Precious Peanut Pushkin. Of course I happily accepted, and subsequently enjoyed a marvelous trail ride through the flooded areas, through “the swamp,” and back to dry trail. I felt like the Queen of the Park that day ~ marveling in the gift of a completely unexpected and delightful experience.

Food for Thought ~

I was struck by this elegant and unpredictable solution to my flooded trail dilemma. What a reminder about being open to new possibilities! (BTW, the owner, Louisa, is an acupuncturist who has recently relocated to Sonoma County. In addition to having a new friend, I am advising Louisa on marketing as she establishes her business here.)

Question of the day ~

What is your “takeaway” from this story? What was meaningful and noteworthy to you? How might you apply this to your life/work?