#138 – Leaders Follow Through

One of the seemingly simple, yet incredibly important, characteristics of leaders is that they follow through. And that applies in both directions. After delegating, giving an assignment or providing direction, a good leader will follow up. Checking in gives you a chance to clarify any misunderstandings, to make course corrections if needed, and to remind people about critical deadlines or details. It’s also an opportunity to teach, mentor, encourage and acknowledge. Of course, follow through goes the other way too, when you are the one who’s responsible for execution. It’s equally important to do your “assignments.” If you have a job to do, then do it as agreed. If the timeline proves untenable or circumstances change, communicate or re-negotiate, but don’t fail to do your part or do it poorly.

Food for Thought ~

Leaders are held to a higher standard. And that’s as it should be. If you want to be esteemed as a leader, then you need to perform your job with high standards for personal excellence. Following through is one of those standards.

Question for the day ~

How are you at following through? Are you equally good at follow through in both directions?