What Followers Want from Leaders

We’re going to switch perspectives today, and look at leadership from the followers point of view. The Gallup organization has been studying leadership for decades. In 2005 – 2006, they conducted a study of 10,000 US adults, asking them to think of and then describe a leader who has a positive influence in their daily life. The results were dramatic. Four themes emerged as the words that best described the everyday leaders in their lives.

Food for Thought ~

The four themes (and most frequently used other words) were:

  • TRUST (honesty, integrity, respect)
  • COMPASSION (caring, friendship, happiness, love)
  • STABILITY (security, strength, support, peace)
  • HOPE (direction, faith, guidance)

Question of the day ~

As a leader, which of these words do you think your followers would use to describe you?

Memorial Day is an opportune time to reflect on what we want from all the leaders in our lives.