Joy of Learning

September always means “back to school” to me. Even though most of us are no longer full-time students, I like thinking about the excitement and joy of learning. Leadership is the art of management, and as with all the arts, there is no absolute point of complete mastery. There are many excellent books and classes on leadership that are well worth studying; and the primary classroom is the never-ending school of experience. Changing circumstances bring a continuing stream of new issues and opportunities. Hopefully we will grow in wisdom and judgement, acquire new knowledge and skills, and continue to challenge ourselves to learn.

Food for Thought ~

Henry Ford is reported to have said, “Keep learning and you will never grow old.” Brain researchers have discovered that any kind of learning, on any subject, has a beneficial effect on our cognitive functioning. So whether for the joy of learning, or the self-defense of maintaining our capacities, let us choose to always be learning something new.

Question of the day ~

What would you like to learn? What would you like to learn to further your professional abilities; and what would you like to learn just for the fun of it?