#168 The Four Cornerstones for Business Success

After twenty five years of working intimately with hundreds of organizations, I decided to take stock of what I had learned. I came up with a simple concept that pulled together the factors that seemed to make a crucial difference. I called it the “Four Cornerstones for Business Success.” These key principles are universal, relevant to any type or size of organization. I published it originally as a whitepaper, and I share it with you now as it begins a four part series of articles in the North Bay Business Journal this week.

Food for Thought ~

Think now, for just a moment, about the building you’re in as you read this. Most buildings have four corners for the main structure. Additional wings may be attached, but most likely the primary building foundation has four corners to provide it with structural stability. In stone buildings, these four key positions are called cornerstones. This metaphor works very well as a model for business. Just as a building needs a solid foundation, so does a business. The four cornerstones for business success are: 1. Purpose 2. Strategies 3. Skills and 4. Leadership. For optimal performance, all four cornerstones must be of roughly equivalent strength. However, leadership is “equal above all others.” Indeed, if I had to select one as the most crucial cornerstone over time, it would be leadership. But an interesting corollary is that the harmony and interdependence of the four cornerstones actually create the strongest position. The balance of the four elements, all equally strong, is the best foundation for optimal performance. To read more, click here.

Question for the day ~

What do you consider to be the foundation for your success?

In Closing ~

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