#172 – Strategies – the Second Cornerstone of Business Success

In this space a month ago I introduced my Four Cornerstones for Business Success model, which I developed after working with hundreds of companies over a twenty-five year period. The model is being published in the North Bay Business Journal as a four-part series. The first Cornerstone for Business Success is Purpose, which includes not only a viable business model, but vision, mission, and values. The second Cornerstone is Strategies.

Food for Thought ~

This is the intellectual aspect of your business, the place where intelligence, research, reasoning, analysis, and judgment rightfully prevail. A strategy is a chosen path, a conscious commitment to a set of actions based on the analysis of information, selected to achieve the company’s goals, and shaped by its vision and values. The caliber of its strategies separates a successful company from a mediocre one. Click here to read the full article

Question for the day ~

As a leader, how much discipline, wisdom and innovation have you fostered in your organization’s strategy development? Do you have a healthy, balanced and proactive system for evaluating strategic alternatives and selecting the best path forward?

On a Personal Note ~

I received some great comments in reply to last week’s post on Leadership is a 2 Way Street. As the saying goes, “keep those cards and letters coming,” as they do help me learn what you value and enjoy reading. Thanks!