#181 – Emotions and Leadership

I recently came across a Mahatma Gandhi quote that is pithy and provocative:
“Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.”
Emotionally charged situations come with the territory of leadership. Strong emotions can be evoked by unexpected events, crises, disappointments, frustrations, and conflict, all compounded by stress and other pressures. Leaders must take responsibility for developing effective ways to deal with their intense emotions.

Food for Thought ~

This insightful observation from Gandhi speaks to the point. We will be compromised in our effectiveness if we are captives of anger or intolerance. I interpret “correct understanding” to mean the ability to see clearly into a situation and understand accurately the issues and dynamics present. For only with as full and complete an understanding as possible of all the factors can we make a wise judgment about what to do. If we are handicapped by the emotional storm of anger or the self-limiting narrow interpretations of intolerance, we may miss important information. This may lead to compromising ourselves, our interests, and our organization.

Question for the day ~

Have you developed the ability to manage your emotions? Do you have effective ways to maintain your equilibrium, objectivity, and professionalism as a leader?

In Closing ~

If you need assistance in learning how to manage your emotions, please take advantage of the many resources available.