Mary Luttrell was one of the first management consultants to pioneer the “participative process” model of consulting, which has now become the industry standard for best practices. This proven approach is collaborative, based on the powerful combination of our client’s content expertise about their business and industry and our process expertise in planning systems and business management. It’s a powerful combination.

We have seen demonstrated time and again the collective wisdom of the team, when differing views are respected and people’s contributions are genuinely valued. We have also seen that our clients have more information and insight than they realize, and our structure and process expertise helps them access their internal knowledge and wisdom. The result of this healthy, open dialogue is a shared sense of ownership and engagement, with people throughout the organization working to achieve a shared vision and common goals.

Courage and commitment are required of top leadership, because the journey of examining established beliefs and business practices is not easy. It requires honesty and integrity to bear the scrutiny of asking tough questions and searching for the best answers.

Practical action plans and implementation strategies are critical for success. Brilliant strategies are essential, but not sufficient in themselves. It is the combination of great strategies executed through skillful implementation by exceptional leaders and managers, within the context of a healthy company culture that makes the difference.

As serious as the work and the situation may be, it’s both possible and desirable to have fun and enjoy the process. Creating a successful company foundation and infrastructure has many exhilarating and exciting moments that can serve as important opportunities for celebration.

“Over the years Mary guided us through strategic planning, team-building, and personnel development, coaching me personally, and supporting and challenging me to grow as a manager and leader. I have learned from the content of what Mary teaches and also from the style and values Mary models as a teacher. As a planner, she emphasize the values, goals and vision of the organization. It would be impossible to describe all the forms her support and guidance have taken over the years. Most important, of course, are the results. Her contribution has been immeasurable.”

                                                         Naomi Fuchs | CEO, Santa Rosa Community Health Centers