#169 – Spring Pot-Pourri

Here’s a small collection of interesting bits, related to last week’s post that introduced my new article in the NorthBay Business Journal, “The Four Cornerstones of Success,” which will be published in a four part series over the next few months. The first article is about the first cornerstone: Purpose. (To read the article, please click here.) As always, I received some very thoughtful replies from my readers. Here are two of them:

Food for Thought ~

“Of the Four Cornerstones, I think purpose is the most important, because purpose guides the leadership and when everyone is aligned on purpose, leadership can come from multiple sources. Also, whenever everyone is truly
aligned, what can be accomplished is phenomenal.”
What a great way of looking at it, and true, indeed. My reader’s comment illustrates the power of shared leadership, prefaced by the essential requirement for consensus and a shared commitment to purpose. Another reader used the article to analyze his business and drew this conclusion: “I have loads of three of the Cornerstones: #1, #3, and #4, but I am weak on #2: Strategies. Magical thinking leads me to believe that if you make it good enough they will buy it, but finding “them” is first and foremost! So I am trying to get #2 equal to the others. Thank you Mary!”

Question for the day ~

How much clarity and consensus on purpose is there within your organization?

In Closing ~

I realize now that a lot of people may have been on vacation last week, or otherwise engaged, and thus may have missed the newest edition of my QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER. If so, here’s a quick link to my newsletter.
I hope you enjoy it!