Another Reason to take a Vacation

The summer vacation season inspired me to write an article on the subject for the current issue of the North Bay Business Journal. I describe four very good reasons for taking time off. But there’s one more that I want to include here ~ stepping back from the day-to-day hustle is an opportunity to be reinspired, to think about what you do and why you do it. Use it as an opportunity to recharge your self-motivation. I hope you enjoy the article.


More often than I would have thought, I feel compelled to “prescribe” a vacation for a client. It seems that many hard-working, industrious types have a difficult time acknowledging that they need a break from work. This is especially true of small business owners, whose personal contributions are usually critical to their company’s daily operations. Yet, no matter how central a person is to an organization, it is imperative that he or she recognizes the benefits of taking time off. Taking a vacation is important for a number of reasons. To continue reading, please click here.

Food for Thought ~

To work at our highest level requires keeping ourselves in top condition ~ in all aspects: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I hope you will make rest, reflection and renewal important components of your vacation plans.

Question of the day ~

Do you do a good job taking care of yourself and taking adequate time off? What notable benefits or brainstorms have you had from a vacation?