Mary Luttrell is a trusted advisor and business strategy specialist. Valued for her people skills, wisdom, technical expertise, creativity, and good humor, she guides leaders in becoming more effective and their organizations more successful.

Mary helps business leaders turn challenges, problems, and dilemmas into opportunities. She possesses both a creative and analytical genius when it comes to finding practical and innovative solutions to complicated issues.

Often referred to as the “invisible strategic partner” to successful companies, Mary offers a wide range of skills as a management consultant, executive coach and mentor, organizational analyst, and process designer.

Business Advisory Services

“Mary didn’t tell me about her great planning process or her long list of qualifications. She didn’t sell me on a method for planning. She simply asked me thoughtful questions. Mary is the only person I spoke to about planning that was truly interested in understanding the goals before the project started. That’s why I selected Mary for our Strategic Planning project. I’m glad I did, because the project was an outstanding success.”

                                                            Iver Skavdal | CEO and President, Winzler & Kelly/GHD