#131 – Personal Capitalization

Last week I observed that the best leaders have the self-awareness to understand and manage their strengths and weaknesses. A conscientious leader will use their self-awareness to correct or compensate for whatever strategic weaknesses may be discovered.

Food for Thought ~

Even more important than correcting weaknesses, the best leaders learn to capitalize on their strengths. This is the true gold mine of opportunity. Just as in managing a business, where strategic weaknesses need to be remediated, the great companies are the ones that identify and capitalize upon their distinctive advantages. So it is with leaders. Last week I proposed several methods for leaders who wants to increase their self-awareness: rigorous personal assessment, 360 degree feedback systems, executive coaching, and spiritual practice, just to name a few. These methods equally pertain to developing strengths. Leadership is an occupation that requires a diverse set of skills. Very few people are good at all of them. Identifying and then capitalizing on your special talents, skills, and abilities will take you further faster than muddling along trying to be good at everything.

Question for the day ~

Do you know what your special strengths are as a leader? Have you tailored your work to minimize any weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths?

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