Welcoming the Unknown Future

“Now let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.”
Rainer Marie Rilke, German author and poet

Rilke reminds us that welcoming the unknown future can be an act of confidence and trust. The more we can embrace what is yet to be, even though it is unseen, the greater our capacity to revel in the unfolding of our lives. Going a step further, I believe that we can take an active stance in shaping the life we want for ourselves and our organizations. In effect, we can participate in creating our future. Helping companies create more of what they want has always been the essence of my business.

Food for Thought ~

One of the attributes of a good leader is confidence in his or her organization’s ability to effectively meet the challenges and opportunities ahead, both known and unknown, while remembering that credibility as a leader comes from honesty and not false bravado.

Question of the day ~

If you are a leader, what attitudes and behaviors are you demonstrating as you begin the new year? Do you inspire confidence and optimism about your company’s future?

This new year’s edition marks the beginning of my second year writing these Minutes. Welcome back, faithful readers! Warm greetings, new subscribers! May your coming year be ripe with possibilities and promise.