#145 – Leaders Need Support Too

Part of a leader’s role is to create systems that support people in doing their work efficiently and effectively. Another part of a leader’s role is to offer and provide support not only to their “direct reports,” but many others as well. And in a broad way, a leader supports their entire organization with their positive attitude, inspiring leadership, and constructive initiatives for improvements. Providing support takes energy and conscious, disciplined effort. This is even more challenging given the reality that leaders often must make tough decisions and provide attention to a panorama of issues.

Food for Thought ~

In a nutshell, for leaders to have a reserve of support to offer others, they must have a source for their own supply. In other words, you can’t offer what you don’t have. You must take responsibility for refreshing your own physical, emotional, and spiritual reserves. There are a variety of approaches to accomplish this, and here are just a few. Create deep, trusting relationships with other leaders in your organization. Establish or participate in a formal program or an informal support network with peers from other companies. Have a professional coach. Find a mentor. Sometimes friends and family may serve as part of a support system, but this must be judiciously gauged. Leaders must assess both their needs and resources, and then consciously select the combination of methods that will ensure the support they need in order to generously provide support to others. Another fact of life as a leader – “stuff happens” – you never know when your reserves will be called upon, so you must keep your supply replenished.

Question for the day ~

Do you have the support you need? What approaches might you explore in order to develop and maintain your support systems?