#174 – Generations of Leaders

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with a three-generational team of leaders. There were one or two of us that would qualify as senior/veteran/advanced/seasoned, depending on your preference of terms, a few that are new/emerging/aspiring/beginners, and some that are somewhere in the middle – intermediates (far fewer name choices for this category.) We are working together very harmoniously, with intention, respect and humor, discussing the issues at hand and finding effective ways to fulfill our task. The initiative for this particular project was taken up by one of the young, aspiring leaders in the group, and the rest of us are enthusiastic collaborators.

Food for Thought ~

Personally, it is very rewarding to teach some of what I have learned to willing students. Nothing is more enjoyable for a leader/teacher than the intelligent questions and observations of an inquiring mind. For all leaders, part of our job, especially as we move into the experienced veteran stage of our careers, is to be model and mentor to those who are stepping into leadership roles. Remember, many of the skills of leadership are learned by experimenting, and inevitably, by making mistakes. One of an organization’s greatest resources is its emerging leaders. It behooves leaders at every level to encourage the next generation, sharing wisdom gained from experience, and providing opportunities for beginners to try their wings. Oh, by the way, leadership is one of those practices that one can begin at any time of life. You can be a beginner at any age, moving into a leadership role for the first time. It just takes motivation and willingness.

Question for the day ~

As a leader, do you take time to identify, encourage and mentor the aspiring leaders in your company? Does your organization have a systematic leadership development program?

In Closing ~

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