Leading Creative Teams

Top-notch meetings are a staple and vital aspect of good leadership. From time to time, a special type of meeting may be needed to address important matters that don’t lend themselves to the course of daily events. These meetings are often called retreats, from the definition that means “to withdraw to a private place.” A retreat can be as brief as half a day, as long as several days, or anywhere in between. The preferred venue is somewhere other than the work site – a comfortable, pleasant environment that is conducive to fresh thinking and constructive dialogue. With excellent planning, good meeting facilitation, and willing participants, remarkable advances can come from retreating.

Food for Thought ~

The content of a retreat can be focused on whatever aspect of the organization needs special consideration. Often it is some type of planning, an essential leadership function that may be overshadowed by the press of more urgent matters. The beauty of a retreat is the opportunity to customize the agenda to address what’s important and meaningful. It is an excellent method for affirming company values, as well as knitting together teams and building relationships.

Question of the day ~

Are there critical issues in your company that would merit some dedicated time and attention?