#108 – Whose shoulders are you standing on?

I have recently been thinking and writing about the importance of leaving a legacy as a leader. That line of thought has led me to considering the opposite perspective – that of the receivers of the legacy – those of us who follow in the footsteps of great leaders and benefit from their contribution. We are able to move the marker from where they left it, rather than starting from scratch. We are able to build on what they created, improving and refining. We are able to contribute to the next iteration of the work.

Food for Thought ~

This was brought home to me recently when I had the opportunity to attend a Master Class by one of the leading practitioners in the field of organizational development, Marvin Weisbord. It’s a thrill to meet someone whose writings I have studied over the years, and to have the opportunity to express my appreciation in person for the contribution he has made to my profession. Organizational development is one of my chosen fields of endeavor, and perhaps the fundamental orientation that underlies all of my other areas of special expertise, from strategic planning to executive coaching. In part, I owe my effectiveness with my clients to him and many others. And from reading his books, I know he feels the same way. We all have predecessors, and let’s be sure we remember to acknowledge and honor them.

Question of the day ~

Who are the leaders in your field or in your company whose legacy you inherited? Whose shoulders are you standing on? Have you expressed your appreciation, either directly or indirectly?