Turning Challenges into Opportunities

In last week’s Minute, I wrote about how practicing gratitude improves our ability to see opportunities. By focusing on what’s good and valuable in our lives and at work, we strengthen our “opportunity recognition” capabilities. Extending that theme, one of my favorite aphorisms has always been the concept of making lemonade out of lemons. In the world of work and leadership, that translates into finding the opportunities within the challenges. Every business has difficult situations to meet, and our attitudes toward those situations can significantly influence the outcomes. Even though it may look bleak, if leaders believe a solution or an improved position is possible, then their company is certainly more likely to create a successful outcome

Food for Thought ~

This principle is so central to my work with clients that I made it the tagline for my business: “Turning challenges into opportunities.”

Question of the day ~

What is your response to challenges? Do you see them as threats or opportunities? What are your fundamental operating beliefs?