#116 – Story of a Mistake + Thanks!

One of my clients told me about a mistake they made. It was handled so beautifully that I used the story as the basis for my new article in the North Bay Business Journal. It is a great illustration of turning a problem into an opportunity. This happens to be a particularly successful, privately held company. Even in a competitive industry and in this economy, they have done well. Indeed, it may be that how they handle this sort of situation is part of the reason for their success. I hope you enjoy the story and the lessons it offers. Click here to read the article.

Food for Thought ~

We have been exploring the subject of mistakes in the past few weeks. We all make them, individually and in our organizations. It’s what we do afterwards that determines the additional ramifications of the error. Sometimes, a mistake triggers a flood of strong emotions. Give yourself a better chance to solve whatever problems the mistake causes by pausing before you react – either for just a moment or even longer, if appropriate. Wait until you can think clearly and then take the action necessary.

Question of the day ~

What was the most recent mistake you or your company made, and how did you handle it? Would you do it differently next time?

Thanks very much to all of you who sent your good wishes for my health and recovery from my recent surgery. They worked! I am quite well, and your kind sentiments were truly appreciated.

Singing songs of Spring,