In Memorium: Leadership & Depression

The scope of a leader’s role can be daunting, from inspirational visionary to task master, and everything in between. (This is just one reason why I say leadership is not for the faint of heart.) Most leaders at some point in their careers find themselves at the helm when a tragedy takes place. A particularly difficult situation to navigate is the loss of a team member/employee to suicide. A basic understanding of mental health issues and depression is fundamental, as is thought and preparation for the leadership that will be needed to help people through the emotional aftershocks of a tragedy within the work community.

Food for Thought ~

If you yourself are experiencing symptoms of depression, please reach out. There is help available. If someone in your organization is at risk, do what you can that’s appropriate to the situation to offer support and assistance. You never know when it might make all the difference. Here’s a website that’s a good starting point for information.

Question of the day ~

As a leader, have you educated yourself about mental health issues and how to recognize potentially serious situations? Do you have a “preparedness plan” for how to handle a mental health crisis situation?

In Memorium
Peter J. Kingston
6/22/1954 ~ 1/18/2011